Sights and outings in Charlottenberg


Charlottenberg is the central town of Eda municipality. A pleasant town located near on the Norwegian Swedish border. Charlottenberg offers good shopping with several shopping malls, and Arvika’s thriving culture and crafts scene is only half an hour away by car.

Eda Skans

On walking distance from Haganäset is Eda Skans – a fortification from 1657 which was one of Sweden’s most important defense facilities. At Eda Skans Museum in Åmotfors you can learn more about the history of Eda Skans.


Eda glass museum

Eda glass museum shows, among other things, unique crystal pieces from the production of Eda Glasbruk which used to be one of Sweden’s largest glassworks. Guided tours are available.


Arvika Kanot- & Turistcenter

At Arvika Kanot- & Turistcenter you can take a walk along the tree-tops, Indiana Jones-style! There are also courses suitable for kids.

Arvika Kanot- & Turistcenter

Morokulien & the Monument of Peace

See the unique monument which was raised in 1914, right on the border between Sweden and Norway, 100 years after the peace between the two countries was established.


Beredskapsåra in Järnskog

This museum shows what is was like for military personnel, refugees and civilians in western Värmland during the Second World War.


Visit Eda

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Visit Eda