Last updated 2020-12-01

The following rules and regulations apply while staying at Haganäset:
Respect other guests. Keep in mind that many want to rest before the following day. Loud noise coming from radio, TV, stereo, or any other noise, especially at night, as well as damage on property can cause immediate eviction without reimbursement for any lost time at Haganäset. Silence shall prevail between 11pm and 7am (23.00-07.00). Please note that certain events such as Midsummer and some musical events might last longer.

A permanent home address, ID and debit/creditcard is required when staying at the campsite.

No camping unit, caravan/mobile home or similar vehicle, can be placed on the campsite without having contacted the reception at Haganäset. The guest is also required to follow current rules regarding fire-safe camping, such as for example safety distance between camping units.

Charging of electric vehicles is only allowed at the charging station by the entrance.

The speed limit within the area is fixed at 20 km/h. Speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is strictly forbidden.

Commercial sales at the campsite is only allowed after getting a written approval from Haganäset/Sommarvik AB.

Haganäset/Sommarvik AB does not take responsibility for theft, or any damage that may occur on guests or their property. We also reserve the right to, on expense of the guests and without reimbursement, immediately evict those who do not follow these regulations, or any other regulations given by the staff or management at Haganäset.

Damage on guest property
In case of damage on guest property, the guest will notify his/her insurance company. If needed, written statements and information should be gathered together with caretaker/manager at Haganäset/Sommarvik AB. Should there be any reasons to believe that Haganäset/Sommarvik AB may have had any responsibility in the matter, Haganäset/Sommarvik AB will notify their insurance company as well. The insurance companies then decide how the matter will be handled. Should there be obvious neglect from Haganäset/Sommarvik AB’s side, Haganäset/Sommarvik AB could pay the sum of the guest’s deductible. Should the guest and Haganäset/Sommarvik AB not come to an agreement, the guest is referred to ARN (The Swedish Nation Board for Consumer Complaints) who will decide how the matter will be settled.

Guest responsibility
The guest pledges to take good care of the rented object/area, and to follow the regulations and instructions given by Haganäset, and to make sure that any travelling company do the same. The guest is responsible for any damage that may occur on the rented object/area and on its furnishings, seeing that the guest or someone in the travelling company has shown neglect. The guest will be liable to pay compensation for the damage.

The guest is not allowed to use the rented object/area for any other
purpose than the one declared at the reservation. Moreover, the guest is not allowed to let more people stay in the rented object/area than the number stated at the reservation.

The agreement will cease to be valid if…
…you or anyone in your company should act in an offensive way in
or by the rented object/area
…you or anyone in your company should make any damage in or by the rented object/area
…you or anyone in your company do not comply with the regulations given by the staff or management at Haganäset
…the rented object/area should be used for other purpose than the one agreed upon at the reservation

Should the agreement cease because of any of the above, you and your travelling company must check out from the rented object/area
immediately without receiving any reimbursements.

For everyone’s comfort…
Summer season at the campsite often means a lot of people in a limited area, which sometimes can cause stress and irritation amongst the guests. That is why it is extra important to respect your neighbours and other guests and doing what you can to create a comfortable environment for everyone.

Drive slowly!
Because there are many children playing around the campsite it is important to respect the speed limit of 20 km/h.

No traffic during the night

Between 10pm and 7am (22.00-07.00), no vehicles can be driven on site, unless for emergencies. If you know that you will need to exit the gate during this time, please park your vehicle outside the gate.

No mopeds or motorcycles, please!
It is not allowed to ride mopeds or motorcycles in the area.

Inlines, skateboard and bicycle
Feel free to use inlines, skateboards, bicycles and similar but never indoors or on the terraces belonging to the campsite. Keep to the side of the roads and respect the vehicles using the gates.

Good neighbours
Playing football
It is not allowed to play football in the campsite area since it can be disturbing to other guests. Instead, please use the activity area by the main building.

Playing music
Make sure not to disturb your neighbours when using radio or other music devices. Keep the volume down or use headphones.

Keep your pets on a leash
For everyone’s comfort all dogs and other pets should always be kept on a leash within the campsite area and each owner is responsible for picking up after their own dog. There is a dog shower in the service building Haga and a dog beach on the west side of the campsite.

Respect boundaries
Please use the existing roads and paths and do not take shortcuts over someone else’s camping pitch.

No smoking in public areas
Smoking is prohibited in public areas such as restaurant terraces, playgrounds or in areas outside main entrances.

Good night!
Most people want to rest before the following day. Therefore the campsite must be completely silent between 11pm and 7am (23.00-07.00). Should you experience any disturbance during this time, please notify the staff on call.

Silent game
Play and have fun on the playgrounds, but between 10pm and 9am (22.00-09.00) they should be quiet and empty.

Care for the environment
Keep the campsite clean and litter-free! Help taking care of the environment by throwing trash and bottles into the designated containers at the recycle station.