Camping at Haganäset

Family friendly campsite in Värmland

At Haganäset you will find a nice campsite with camping pitches for caravans, mobile homes and tents. The campsite is located by Lake Bysjön so many of the pitches have lakeview. If you are planning a visit during low season we ask you to please book in advance. You can do this via our online booking site or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Yellow pitches

Electricity | Grass
fr. 260:- per night

Standard camping pitches – for caravans, small mobile homes and tents.

Our yellow camping pitches are located on the west side of the campsite. These are our standard camping pitches that suit most needs. All pitches are on grass and the ground is even. The size varies between 60-80 m2 (6-8×10 meters) but there are a few pitches that are a bit smaller, and a few pitches that are a bit bigger. Here you can choose if you want to stay close to the main building/restaurant/playground, near the service building, or in a more secluded area for some extra peace and quiet.

Light blue pitches

Electricity | Grass & gravel
fr. 260:- per night

Camping pitches with high bearing – for mobile homes.

Our light blue pitches have a high bearing capacity and are therefore suitable for mobile homes. The pitches are about 6-7×10-11 meters (60-80 m2) and the ground is flat and even. The pitches are on grass with a gravel covered parking area for the vehicle. They are located on the west side of the campsite, not far from the main building, restaurant, playground and service building.

Dark blue pitches

Electricity | Gravel
fr. 260:- per night

Camping pitches on gravel – for heavy mobile homes.

On the south side of the campsite are the dark blue pitches 121A-124B. These pitches are 8×6 meters (48 m2) and are suitable for those who want to stay in a more quiet area. If you travel with a dog we can recommend one of these pitches. There is a nice walking path that runs along Lake Bysjön and it is close to the dog beach. In the afternoon it can get shady and a little cooler.

In the center of the campsite, right next to the service building Haga, are the pitches 70-71. These pitches are 10×8 meters (80 m2) and are suitable for larger mobile homes. From here you are close to everything.

The pitches 301-304 are located on the far east side of the campsite. If you stay at one of these pitches you will have a nice view of the lake and be close to a nice walking path that leads through the forest and runs along the lake. The distance to the service building, main building, restaurang and playground is quite far. In this area there are no other transit pitches, which creates a calm and quiet environment. These pitches are about 6,5×5 meters (32,5 m2).

Mobile home parking

Parking | With or without electricity | Gravel
fr. 240:- per night

Parking spaces on gravel, with or without electricity – for mobile homes.

On the north side of the campsite, above the parking area by the main entrance gate, are our parking spaces for mobile homes. Some have electricity, some don’t. These spaces are often used for so called Quick Stop since you don’t have to enter the campsite to reach them.

Tent pitches

Unmarked | Without electricity
fr. 200:- per night

Unmarked tent pitches without electricity.

Our unmarked tent pitches without electricity are located near the water in the center of the campsite. From here you are close to everything. You can drive in with your car when you put your tent up and when you’re taking it down, but all other times it should be parked in the main parking area by the entrance.

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